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MiniWeapons of mass destruction. 3 : build siege weapons of the Dark Ages / John Austin
623.441 A936M
Chicago, Illinois : Chicago Review Press, Incorporated, [2013]
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LOCATION Call No. Volume Status
Oak Bend 623.441 A936M   IN LIBRARY
Headquarters 623.441 A936M   IN LIBRARY
Headquarters 623.441 A936M   IN LIBRARY
Jamestown Bluffs 623.441 A936M   IN LIBRARY
Weber Road 623.441 A936M   IN LIBRARY
Tesson Ferry 623.441 A936M   IN LIBRARY
Sachs 623.441 A936M   IN LIBRARY
Daniel Boone 623.441 A936M   IN LIBRARY
x, 267 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Utilizing easy-to-find and inexpensive materials, this handy resource teaches desktop warriors how to build a multitude of medieval siege weapons for the modern era. Novice combatants will learn to build 35 defense weapons, including a marshmallow catapult, a chopstick bow, a bottle cap crossbow, and a clothespin ballista.
Play it safe -- Rubber band catapults -- Tic tac catapult -- Card box catapult -- Ruler catapult -- Candy box catapult -- Pen and pencil catapult -- Metal hanger catapult -- Armored catapult -- Non-elastic catapults -- Gift card catapult -- Tic tac onager -- Depressor spoon catapult -- Marshmallow catapult -- Mousetrap catapult -- CD trebuchet -- Bows and arrows -- Double skewer bow -- Chopstick bow -- Plasticware bow -- Plastic hanger bow -- Advanced pen bow -- Composite ruler bow -- Crossbows -- Wooden ruler crossbow -- Plasticware crossbow -- Craft stick crossbow -- Plastic ruler crossbow -- Office crossbow -- Compound crossbow -- Ballistae -- Gift card ballista -- Pen ballista -- Clothespin ballista -- Mounted siege ballista -- Mini siege -- Craft stick mini bow -- Paper clip bow -- Tri-clip bow -- Bottle cap crossbow -- Toothpick crossbow -- Clip and cap catapult -- Targets -- Carton siege tower -- Attacking army -- Tower of oatmeal -- Storm the castle -- Print-out targets.
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Build siege weapons of the Dark Ages
Mini weapons of mass destruction 3
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